Hello, Digital World.

My name is Nick Conn.

I am a writer, tech manager, entrepreneur, and investor.

You can expect my building to be in the digital space.

This is my journal through the tech business world. Use my mistakes to learn. So you don’t have those mistakes too.

At Agile Hacking, we find cool internet businesses, trends, and websites that make money. We also keep you up to date in the finance world to preserve your wealth.

The goal is to give you insight and inspiration to build your own.

If Contrarian Thinking, Tim Ferriss, and The Pomp Letter met, then had a baby, it would be Agile Hacking.

Thank you for your support!

I appreciate it.


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Nick Conn

I write about tech, business, finance, and traveling this beautiful planet. Web App Developer turned Investor, Writer, and Web Engineering Manager.